40 plus

May 11, 2017


When you clock in a 40 plus hour work week, you learn very quickly that you have to develop habits to help you stay sane. I'm talking about the little things I do to cope with balancing a full time job, a styling business and a fashion blog. There is no real antidote to help you along the path of adulthood. It's truly just a trial and error period of time where everyone is stumbling through, but for me these are a few rules that have helped me survive adulting.


One rule I have maintained these past couple of months is to protect your mornings. Allow a period of time in the morning to wake up, make breakfast and drink your first cup of coffee. When I first moved to LA my morning routine was everything but a routine. It was more of a mad rush. A combination of outfit prep, burnt toast, and pure chaos. Half of the time I would rush out the door without eating and that was my first miss-step. Learning to start the morning right was the first habit I started to implement on a daily basis and now I walk into work feeling energized and ready for the day.


The second rule I gave myself was to protect my mind. I feed my thoughts with music to amplify my mood when I'm feeling stressed. Listening to music that's uplifting or calming is my preferred method of "me-time". We're talking classical piano, and acoustic guitar Pandora stations (don't judge me for still using Pandora and not Spotify). If I am ever home working on a project, nine times out of ten I will be playing music. My go-to is "Canon in D" or "River Flows in You." Both equally incredible compositions that help put my mind at ease. 


My third rule is to strive to read on a daily basis. I don't know what my life would be like without my personal library. I have discovered so many crucial life lessons sewn through the words of a novel. Books help us understand the human experience and it is my first go-to when I'm needing to escape any stress. This has become my nightly routine (and sometimes morning) when I'm needing to turn off and get ready to sleep. I'm currently reading "The Idiot" by Elif Batuman and I highly suggest it! It's impossible to put it down.   


Last but not least, clean out your closet. It's important to consistently be editing the amount of clothing and items you have in your room. Less is more! I know when I say the word " clean" it doesn't sound very relaxing, but changing your perception of what it means to clean can completely benefit your stress levels. By cleaning, you are adding value to your space. I always say that a messy room can lead to a messy mind and it's so true! It's incredibly relaxing coming home to a harmonious space after a long day of work. 


When you are developing your own de-stressing habits, the first question to ask yourself is, what makes you feel better? And you should do just that. Happiness comes from different sources, but putting this time aside to de-stress is important and so needed for the soul. 



Outfit Details: 

Top: Zara

Jacket: IRO

Denim: Frame

Shoes: Steve Madden

Eyeglasses: Ray-ban
















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