Five on a Friday

June 5, 2017

Going into another beautiful weekend in LA, I thought I would share my Five on a Friday. This is an exclusive breakdown of the things that make me smile everyday. I am sharing a few stories from my past and a few from my present. So sit back, relax, and enjoy five things that set my soul on fire.


1. Horseback riding


I grew up living one minute away from a horse farm on the beautiful bluffs of Santa Barbara. I remember being so young, riding my bike to go pet the horses, and dreaming of the day that I would finally be able to ride. When I was eight, I started training to ride English at Two Boot Farm. In the ring, it required more precise movements with the horse and allowed me to learn to jump.  During the summers that we would spend in Vermont, I preferred bare-back (which means no saddle). When you would ride, it required more strength, and I loved being closer to the horse I was riding. It was something I have loved ever since I was little and have tried to incorporate into my life as much as I could. As I got older, it became harder to balance training with school, sports, or work, but my dad would always take me on beach rides so we could play with the horses in the waves. I've recently been going up to Griffith Park to ride western on the trails and it's been such a nice break from my downtown city life.


2. Orchids


I grew up living on Orchid Drive, right smack dab next to a giant orchid nursery. I spent my weekends playing hide and seek in the large nurseries with friends from around my neighborhood. We'd always end up on the ground laughing because the owners tried to kick us out. Over time, the owners began to love seeing us popping in, so much that they stopped caring when we came with a troop of kids to play tag. In my mom's home in Santa Barbara, we have close to 20 orchids throughout the house. I've recently started to curate my own collection of orchids with my roommate Anya. This spring, our house has slowly filled up with the beautiful blooms.


3. Fashion Design


When I was living in Santa Barbara, at the age of 21 I completed a business program called Women's Economic Ventures to help launch a clothing line that I had designed. I went step by step and prepared a business plan that is ready to launch at any minute. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time, but as in everything I do, timing is everything. I decided to put it on hold until it was the right time in my career to pull the trigger. It's crazy when I think of the amount of thought and planning that goes into creating such a concept. WEV was an experience I am forever grateful to have under my belt and can't wait to see what the future holds for my own designs.


4. Poetry


As a writer, I find the most inspiring pieces I read are poems. I have fallen in love with the written word and writers like Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Bukowski have captivated my interest for years. Their novels are brilliant, but their poems became little windows into their own reality. I find it so interesting how writers can manipulate words and stitch together sentences to create a form of art. Shakespeare was the king of wordplay, and I was so lucky to be gifted his complete version of great works from Grandfather a few years back. To this day, I still flip through the pages of that volume and read over the notes that my Grandmother left behind. You could say, appreciation for the written word runs in my family.    


5. Soundtrack to Big Little Lies


I couldn't forget to mention my latest music addictions. I listen to a variety of music, but this week I have had the soundtrack to Big Little Lies (New York times bestseller turned HBO show) on repeat. Obviously like any typical millennial, I binge-watched the entire series. In each episode, they featured a wide variety of songs that I just had to find on Spotify. My favorite song of the soundtrack is “Cold Little Heart” by Michael Kiwanuka. It's a ten minute song that gives you all the feels and is also the background music for their TV intro. The other song I'm oddly obsessing over is “Dance this Mess Around” by The B-52s. It's a playful arrangement that I listen to when I'm cleaning the house or working out.


Well those are my Friday Five's! I hope everyone has a beautiful Friday!


Outfit Details: 

Blouse: Rag and Bone

Denim: Frame

Heels: Sergio Rossi

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Backpack: Zara















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