Hello Hometown

December 20, 2017


The word "moving" should only be allowed to be used in horror stories, because that is what it is - horrifying. The idea of packing up all of your belongings in well-labeled boxes and moving them from point A to point B sounds like the ultimate drag. Which it totally is. This month I embarked on this task of moving my entire life from Los Angeles back to my hometown of Santa Barbara and let's just say I was in over my head. I was not prepared for the emotional whiplash that a quick move could do to your soul. But in order to get the full picture of "why" this move had to occur, I have to backtrack to the real reason I decided to take the leap.


During my senior year of high school, my AP English teacher gave the class a special assignment to complete before taking the next step into the real world. This was the semester before graduating and he told us all to write letters to our future selves. We had to write about our hopes, dreams and what goals we wanted to accomplish within the next ten years. As a young girl, my mind was in the clouds thinking about my future and what job I wanted to have. It was then and there I wrote out in the letter: I hope to be a writer. At the time I didn't know what my path was or how I was going to accomplish that career goal, but all I knew at that time was this: the only thing that would make me feel fulfilled in my life would be the ability to write and have it be read by others. 


Fast-forwarding to this year, I held job positions ranging from graphic designer to social media marketer at incredible companies. Each job I obtained gave me the life experience I needed to grow this year. I was lucky, but I wanted something more. I wanted to finally take that first step into a writing career and like the millennial I am, I didn't want my writing to be a side job or a hobby anymore. Two months ago I officially took the leap, packed up all my things and moved back to Santa Barbara because I accepted a position with Santa Barbara Magazine as their Editorial Assistant. This leap of faith meant that writing was now the main focus in my life.  


After accepting the offer at the magazine, thoughts flashed through my head in the car ride home. Excitement overwhelmed me when I realized that my dream was quickly coming to fruition and I never imagined it would happen so fast but I leaned in and rode the wave right back to my hometown. Coming home has it advantages. I knew the lay of the land and had a network of support waiting for me, but there was a sacrifice that had to be made in order to fully come home. I had to shut the door on my life in the city that had brought so much opportunity, experiences and freedom. Saying goodbye was so rough. Tears were shed and hugs were all around as I said my goodbyes. But these goodbyes had me thinking that maybe it wasn't goodbye forever that maybe it was just see you later. 


The cool thing about following your own path is that you can always be in control of your direction. You always have the final say in which road to take. 



I can't wait to experience this new (yet familiar) chapter of my life and write about all my adventures in Santa Barbara! 


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