Alice in La La Land

February 17, 2017

Last August I decided to take a leap of faith and move back to Los Angeles, but somehow instead of "leap" it was more along the lines of a "fall." Nothing can ever really prepare you for city life. It's a huge adjustment living in what seems to be a bigger world, and sometimes there are moments when I'm still trying to catch my breath from the whiplash of change that has occurred in my life. 


Change was mandatory for me. I dove in and came out feeling like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole. Even though I was confronted by challenges on a daily basis, I managed to stay level headed and positive when faced with the obstacles that came my way. We have all had our moments of serious self-doubt when we pull into question the choices we have made.


I recall one day driving on the way to work and being so stressed out because I was late. There was a protest that was happening in my neighborhood that (unfortunately) had blocked off several streets near my house. The traffic was excruciatingly painful that morning. I was weaving in and out of side-streets and alleys just to get on my way. The time was ticking and to top it all off, the 10 freeway was bumper to bumper. You could imagine my frustration as I approached all the red brake lights ahead. It felt like the world was against me that day. I was questioning myself and my decision to move here to take on the difficult city life that laid ahead. 


n the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the beginning starts out with a scene describing how tired Alice was of having nothing to do, and then all of a sudden a rabbit comes over to remind her of the time (it was ticking and she was late). She follows him down a hole and lands in a world of adventure. In Wonderland, there were parts that were scary and parts that were exciting. This is how I feel about my experience in LA.   


You wouldn't think that a children's book can be relatable to real life until you look deeper at the meaning behind the story. Incredible adventures come with obstacles and anything exciting in life is going to come with it's price. When I picture my life before LA, I was completely bored of my hometown. Santa Barbara has always been a paradise, but for me it lacked opportunity. I was tired of having nothing to do, just like Alice in the story. I needed a Wonderland. 


I decided to take it a step further for this metaphor for my life with a photo shoot I worked on with Gabrielle Show (photographer) and Morgan Yates (Hair/Make-up). I fell in love with the Walt Disney Concert Hall as a back drop because it created a perfect reflection of light that cast against it's silver panels. For this outfit, I decided to wear a dark black, a-line dress from Angl. The contrast of light and dark are representations of the idea that without dark there can be no light.  These photos captured at this surreal location, just blocks away from my loft, have become my modern day version of Alice in Wonderland.  



Outfit Details: 

Dress: Angl

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Anthropologie

Sunglasses: Ray Ban









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