Vintage Discoveries

May 31, 2018

When it comes to pulling off a successful shopping trip, sometimes the trick is to slow it down. Time can be on your side when you embark on a styling adventure. Taking your time to shift through clothes is one of the perks I love about vintage shopping. It's a much slower process and you are challenged to hunt for the precious pieces within the racks. Vintage can be an exciting discovery when you find something you didn't even know you were looking for.


I have always loved perusing vintage stores in Ventura, Santa Barbara and the shops on Melrose Avenue. I have even attempted the Rose Bowl Flea market a few times to graze through the vintage booths. The best finds I've discovered over the years, have been in the vintage boutiques of Eagle Rock, CA (a little neighborhood northeast of Los Angeles). When people ask me where I bought my outfit, I love being able to say the phrase "I found it at a vintage store." As a stylist, you want to be able to recognize the trends, but sometimes it's cool to go trend-less and buy something unexpected. That's what fashion is all about! 


My most recent find has been a vintage black and gold kimono from Punch, a vintage boutique located on State Street. I was going into the store to find a new bag and accidentally stumbled upon a unique piece that I just had to try on. In the depths of a huge rack of designer gowns, the gold print stood out amongst the rest. Never did I ever think I would own such a piece, but sometimes you just have to take risks with your wardrobe. If it's something that makes you feel special, why wouldn't you buy the kimono?      


That day I walked out with a whole new outfit and a whole new perspective on vintage shopping. 


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