Say Hello to StarCycle!

February 19, 2019


You know what they say about a Sunday well spent...we couldn’t of asked for a more perfect sunny Santa Barbara day for our StarCycle brunch at the Mission! 75° degree weather with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see. The rosé was passed around as we lounged on soft velvet pillows and decorative blankets (courtesy of Santa Barbara Picnic Co.) swapping stories and introductions. My main contribution to the day was the charcuterie plates and Hook & Press brought some yummy donuts for us all to dive into.


I was recently brought on to the StarCycle team as one of their ambassadors and their very own social media confidant. I have known one of the owners, Dani Stone, for a total of 9 years now (having been her styling assistant for the majority of that time). It was such a pleasure when Dani invited me to be apart of the team and introduced me to Kayla Johnson the other owner who brought major positive energy to every social media meet-up we planned. I was thrilled to be working with such a dynamic and motivating team. 


A few weeks ago, I was invited to take part in a few private spin lessons with Dani at the mysterious Star Shed that we have been seeing all across their social media. It was one of the best spin classes I have ever taken. I walked away completely energized from the full-body workout. I felt it in my arms, my abs, my buns and my legs. It was AMAZING! It was wonderful seeing Dani in her element teaching the class and I couldn't help but get down to the playlist she curated. Nothing I have ever experienced before in Santa Barbara! 


After experiencing it firsthand and learning more about the studio, I got to see the behind the scenes of what went in to making StarCycle the best spin studio. It's all in the training! Their instructors tirelessly trained for months before they were certified to teach spin classes with SC. After all this hard work, they come fully prepared to to give you the best work out you could ever imagine. At the picnic, I loved meeting and embracing all the StarCycle instructors who were beyond lovely and kind! Not only are they trained spinning-machines but they are SO positive. It was just so pleasant to be in their presence andnd when I work out, I need that positivity to help push me accomplish my fitness goals. I can't wait to experience the full-effect of StarCycle this coming year!


As I go into this year as an ambassador, I want share my fitness journey with you all! Best way to keep up? Instagram stories









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