April 11, 2019



I grew up on More Mesa with my feet in the sand, hair blowing in the wind and eyes fully open, taking in every moment nature had to offer. My life has been a series of intertwined interactions with the oceans, living in Santa Barbara it's hard not to gravitate towards the beach. I remember the struggle as a child walking down the million steps down to the beach, the sound of the crashing waves against the giant black rocks, and the salt smell filling up my lungs. The ocean always had a way into my heart one way or another. 


As an adult, my appreciation for the ocean and it’s coastline curves has expanded to unwavering proportions. I crave sunrise beach walks and late-night long drives down the coast just so I can just take it all in. In February, big changes shifted my life. I found myself grasping for sanctuary and somehow that craving led me on a trip up to Carmel, weaving my way down through Big Sur. I needed to be reminded of nature’s big wonders because I was so wrapped up in the small details of everyday life. 


Somehow this trip was the cure. I stayed in Carmel for one day and then mapped my course through Big Sur. My goal was to take my time, with my camera. I stopped at every single lookout point I could to capture the magical views. The waves were unbelievably beautiful and the teal, blue colors vibrated along the shore. I breathed in every moment and every shot that I captured with my Nikon. 


As I was edited the series, I enjoyed seeing the colors pop off my computer screen. This journey's colors were absolutely gorgeous, but being the person I am I love a little irony. So I decided to create this black and white series called Cruise. This is the first time I have ever shared my own personal photography on my blog and I hope you enjoy the vintage feels that Cruise has to offer! 











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