Chasing the Dream

April 18, 2019

This year has been without a doubt the craziest, most challenging (career) rollercoaster ride that I have ever been on. Chasing my dream has led me on an intricate journey throughout the freelance world. I have been faced with a series of advances and failures that have molded me into the businesswoman I am today. I have learned through these experiences the strength and persistence to keep following this wild dream that I've had ever since I was a young girl. My dream has shifted into many outlets but the one consistent theme will always be creation.  


I love being able to create art in all its forms - styling, writing, photography, graphic design and marketing (which is an applied art). My continuous drive has led me to connect with so many different companies as a creator. I've been lucky to be on sets where I have been the youngest person in the room (and five times out of ten the only female in the room). But the biggest lesson I have learned throughout this process has been to always have faith in myself. 



I challenge myself everyday to believe in my vision, even when the odds feel like they aren't in my favor. Finding that inner confidence has been a hard journey all in itself. Part of that journey has been shared with a tribe of women and men that surround me everyday, giving me support and encouragement to keep going. I recently took a step back from "influencing" for brands to diving more into "collaborating" with awe-inspiring people. I have been finding that co-creating with other artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers is more aligned with my dream, which is why I have opened up my blog to other contributors.  


I have been working on this secret video project with girlboss babe, Tara Diiorio, as a way to re-introduce the "Styled by Kara" dream. Tara is one of my best friends and confidants when navigating the freelance world. You can usually find us chugging coffee & giggling together (about our recent projects) at Lighthouse Coffee. She is talented just as she is kind and working on this video was such an exciting and creative exploration with her. 














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