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You + me + messy buns + radical marketing strategy + lots of coffee. 

Sound like a date made in heaven?

SBK is now offering a one-on-one marketing intensive that will help you get clear on your monthly marketing goals, deep dive into trade secrets on successfully running your social accounts and set you up with a month’s worth of high-level, curated content. Each intensive will include a mini-editorial content photoshoot with our

Lead Photographer, Amber Dolyak.

In this marketing intensive you will receive...

2 hours of dedicated strategy time with Kara Pearson and an editorial photoshoot

with our Lead Photographer Amber Dolyak. 

  • Discuss current short-term and long-term marketing goals to ensure the steps you are taking today will yield a powerful tomorrow for your brand.

  • Deep dive into essential marketing tools that will allow you to better manage your time, social media schedule, strategies and deadlines more efficiently. 

  • Gain access to trade secrets that will provide the key steps to exponential organic growth and allow you to cultivate a genuine and engaged online (and off-line) community. 

  • Create a strategic monthly marketing plan based on your company's short-term and long-term goals. 

  • Transform your ideas into a month's worth of high-performing content, with professional caption copywriting, that you can distribute to inspire engagement and action on all platforms.

  • Receive a mini-editorial photoshoot to create high-res content that can be used for posting purposes on all digital platforms.

You'll get this jam-packed intensive all for...


Are you ready to take the leap and level up your brand? 

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