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Letter #2

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

It is summertime and boy am I happy to enjoy some sun in Switzerland! This coming August, I will mark the official date that I have been living here for two years. Living in a new country has been quite a unique experience. There have been many moments of self-doubt and challenges. As mentioned in my last “Letters from Marlene” post, finding a place where I belong in will forever be a part of me. My curiosity has once again brought me to a place where I struggle to fully identify with; I guess that is the beauty of constant discovery. 

A fresh beginning (in a new place) involves obtaining new friends, a new job, speaking in another language, and ultimately developing the strength to place myself in situations that are not in my comfort zone. My experience in Switzerland (with all due respect) has not been the easiest. I have felt very home sick to the point where I have struggled with depression. Love however does not have any borders or boundaries. 

Finding my own niche has been a slow process but I continue to stay positive and focus my energy on the things that truly make me happy. I must mention that the friends I have made thus far have been nothing but a blessing to me and for that I am extremely grateful. This journey has also led me to do a great amount of soul searching which has been essential for my own well-being. Although I miss friends and family back home, I believe life has brought me here for a reason, a reason that will certainly help me become the best version of myself.

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