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Some Like it Hot

With most restaurant businesses forced to close doors to only offer pick-up and delivery options, Wingman Rodeo took a risk and launched their new concept built out of The Shop’s cloud kitchen at 730 N. Milpas Street. This new restaurant on the scene has made quite a wave of excitement in the community, being the first-ever wing restaurant to ever set foot in SB. 

Only a month into operation and people are talking about their menu housing the best and most complex ingredients. As a collaborative effort, co-owners Colton Krueger, Dudley Michael (also the owner of The Shop Kitchen) and Ryan Patronyk (also the owner of Caje and Lab Social) set out to create the “best damn wings ever” and surely they did. Every dish on the menu is sure to wow and includes gluten-free, keto-friendly, and even vegetarian options for everyone to enjoy. 

“We were originally supposed to launch in LA” said Krueger, “but decided to stay closer to home once the pandemic hit. It was the best decision we could've made. Santa Barbara is such a supportive community that feels like family.”

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