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Women Who Warrior

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

While navigating my career in fashion, I was tossed around by the industry’s fickle nature. It’s always been a cut-throat environment and at times very challenging to create a healthy or happy lifestyle for myself. I had to toughen up quickly and develop a thick skin from many of the situations I faced. I was shocked by the amount of female on female bullying I witnessed in my working world and was even the victim of bullying several times throughout my life (especially in high school). 

We spend 80% of our time at work and it was truly disappointing for me to have to spend 80% of my time surrounded by female on female negativity that could so easily be avoided. As I was navigating the fashion industry, I found that my most important goal in my career was not to be a fashion maven but rather to be a force of positivity - striving to consistently empower other women and encourage kindness. Empathy became a major common theme in my work practices and interactions. I made a big decision to step away from a "fashion career" to focus on mindful business empowerment - specifically in social media and marketing. 

When I started my business at age 22, I would've never known that this company would develop into a brand of inspiration, motivation and now a platform to discourage cruelty or judgement between women. In all honesty, it's been an incredible ride developing this brand and seeing how it has grown the past several years. I have been so lucky to come in contact with other women who are empowering and teaching me every step of the way. The complete opposite of what I have experienced in the past working at corporate fashion companies. As women, we are all struggling with the same problems - beauty concerns, social pressures, and expectations - but it feels wonderful to be vulnerable and actually talk about these tough issues with each other. Just getting down to the real sh*t that we deal with. 

This year, I have seen a shift in the connections I have made through social media. I have been meeting so many strong women sharing their truth about life, unapologetically. I have recently been blessed with gal-pal friendships in my community and I was introduced to the Women Who Warrior team. These power-house babes created a women's retreat designed to embody connection and transformation. A safe space for women to create friendships and empower each other in our journeys. During this two-day getaway, you will connect and embrace your most powerful self through a series of grounding talks, workshops, movement and personal time. The retreat is designed to extend these “aha” moments into days of profound experiences and transformation.

You'll enter the weekend by stepping foot on Jalama Cañon Ranch; a vast green section of earth nestled between the mountains and the ocean. Give your tastebuds a reason to dance with our locally sourced and thoughtfully curated meals that look as good as they make you feel - vibrant food for a vibrant life! We'll be sleeping restfully under the stars in rustic luxury tents each night and wake up to the wonderful sounds of nature. This weekend is built to get you in your body through movement, out of your head with workshops, and into your heart with a variety of powerful speakers. There will be time to integrate, reflect and respond to what you experience. Everything they teach is experiential and inspired by way of looking inside, trusting oneself, sharing, expression, vulnerability and connecting with nature. Their team will be entirely devoted to you and your growth during the event.

Now doesn't that just sound like the once in a lifetime experience?! I’m beyond over the moon excited to support these incredible ladies and attend this retreat! These are the types of projects I yearn to get behind and support. It is my mission as a women entrepreneur to support other women in their ventures, especially when the cause is positive and impactful for other women who may need guidance or advice. I'm so ready to meet all the other attendees and I can't wait to share my experience at this retreat. I would love for you all to be there! To connect and grow with us! 

You can get more details about the event here → Women Who Warrior Retreat and use code warriorkarap at checkout to save $25 on your ticket! 

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