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This is 28

Photography by Amber Dolyak

My 28th year around the sun looked a lot like a year of investment. I’ve invested in my home to make it a sacred space while dealing with a pandemic. I invested in my business to keep me afloat during unforeseen times. But lastly and most importantly, I’ve invested in myself, my mental health and my happiness.

I had to take some major and much needed time off from nurturing my own business and blog, because my Marketing Agency has doubled it's clientele this year. (P.S. have you met my clients? Go check them out here.)

If you didn't know already...there have been some big pivots for the Styled by Kara brand. My company started off as an editorial, celebrity and campaign styling company in 2014 but in the past three years it has blossomed into a marketing agency for fashion, lifestyle, realty, and wellness companies. The SBK team and I facilitate the growth of small business through marketing and social media strategy, graphic design, copywriting and photography.

As I reflect on this past year I wanted to share a few great things that are happening at SBK:

  1. My team is growing! Styled by Kara has had a growth spurt this year and we now have a well-rounded team of incredible ladies that will be supporting the big next steps of the agency.

  2. I have a secret project coming out in late Autumn! Stay tuned...

  3. Confessions of a Foodie will be starting up again at the end of this month. My next article will feature a favorite coffee shop of mine...

  4. The blog is getting a make-over...and I can't wait for you to see the content that Amber Dolyak and I are dreaming up...

  5. Our SBK weekly newsletter is making a make sure you are subscribed!

Photography by Amber Dolyak

When you choose to invest in yourself, the returns are infinite. You learn to love and cherish the human and business woman that you’ve become even if you aren’t perfect. I joked in my Instagram stories about discounting this year and not adding it to my age but in reality I needed this year to gear up, to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and to realize how wonderful life can be when you go after your dreams.

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